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Wallet Overview

1. Log in

Log in to your WorldTradesHub account.

2. Select "Wallet"

Navigate to the "Funds" button on the top navigation bar and select "Wallet".

Funds Button

3. Wallet Page

You will be directed to your wallet page.

Wallet Page

4. Estimated Balance

The top section of the wallet page shows the estimated balance of your crypto holdings in USD.

Estimated Balance

Search for a specific cryptoasset.


6. Cryptoasset Balance

Your cryptoasset balance is grouped into 3 categories:

  • Total: Your entire crypto holding.
  • Free: Your available balance for trading or withdrawal.
  • Locked: Your cryptoasset locked in an open order.

The estimated value of your asset is denominated in USD.

Cryptoasset Balance

7. Deposit / Withdraw Cryptoasset

See how to deposit or withdraw cryptoasset.