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Why is My Deposit Late

Funds transfer to WorldTradesHub goes through 4 stages:

  1. Withdrawal from the external wallet or platform
  2. Blockhain confirmation
  3. Deposit to cold wallet
  4. Balance credited to your account

1. Withdrawal From External Wallet

An asset withdrawal marked as "success" or "completed" in the wallet or platform you are withdrawing from indicates that the transaction has successfully broadcast to the netowrk.

2. Blockchain Confirmation

However, it might take some time for the transaction to be confirmed. The amount of required “network confirmations” varies for different blockchains. Transactions may be delayed significantly at times of high network traffic. You can track the progress of your transaction using a blockchain explorer with the transaction id provided by the wallet or platform.

3. Deposit to Cold Wallet

All deposits credited to your wallet are directly transferred to a cold wallet. You can track this transaction with your exchange address. Minimum network confirmations apply.

4. Balance Credited to Your Account

No deposit fee is charged on our part. However, network fees will apply for the secondary funds transfer. Your account balance will reflect the final amount received, not the amount sent. See our fee schedule for more information.

Balance Not Credited

If you are certain that your deposit (1) has been confirmed and (2) the deposit amount is not less than the minimum, but your account has not been credited, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to the deposit page of the intended asset.
  2. Check for new entry in the deposit history.
  3. Check your address using a blockchain explorer. You should see a secondary transfer from this address.
  4. Wait for confirmations.

If the secondary transfer has reached minimum network confirmations but your account has not been credited, contact support and provide the following details:

  • Asset name
  • Deposit address
  • Amount
  • Transaction id
  • Time